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Installation, repair and replacement of terminals

  • Requirements for the installation and operation of terminals
  • Rules that must be strictly followed
  • Repair and replacement of terminals

Requirements for the installation and operation of terminals

No special measures are required to prepare the premises and terminals.
The use of the Trading terminal and its external client keyboard depends on the use of similar household and office electrical appliances.
The terminals of the full service station are powered by a primary power source with a voltage of 220 volts and a voltage of 50 Hz.
Full-service portable terminals are battery powered. The batteries are powered by special equipment through a primary voltage of 220 volts and a voltage of 50 Hz.
Mobile terminals are powered by two standard 1.5-volt batteries.

Rules that must be strictly followed

It is not possible to pick up your trading card or customer card from a terminal rider during all operations. Wait for the transaction to complete when the transaction is completed by printing a check or displaying the corresponding message from the keyboard of its external client on the terminal display so that you can remove the card from the rider.
Before the transaction, store staff must make sure that there is paper in the terminal printing equipment.
Do not disconnect the terminal during operation.
It is necessary not to disconnect the modem system of the terminal from the telephone network during operations to collect a trading card through the terminal, “card authorization”, “authorization”, “checking the account balance” of the card holder.
When conducting transactions through a mobile terminal, it is forbidden to remove electrical components and batteries from the terminals.
When printing a work receipt or control tape, it is not possible to force a check and control strip to be printed by pressing the corresponding button on the terminal keyboard to rotate the paper.
The microprocessor and card reader of the trading card and plastic card cannot be damaged by mechanical shock or other actions to prevent damage to the plastic card.
The rules for using the trading terminal and servicing plastic card holders should ensure the training of new sellers and service personnel, sales personnel or bank representatives by exchanging bank personnel trained by bank representatives.
Keep foreign objects and liquids away from these devices to prevent the Ridder, Terminal, and Trade Card from crashing.

Repair and replacement of terminals

Enterprises should use only trading terminals and other technical equipment approved by the bank.
It is forbidden to open terminals and repair them yourself. This is because there is protection against fraudulent transactions by hacking terminal software. In case of any problems with the operation of the terminal, you must contact the Bank's branches or the nearest service center.
Service centers provide warranty repairs and after-sales service of Monetel, Ingenico, Sagem, PAX and XiMAX POS-terminals. Specialists quickly and efficiently repair the outer shell and terminal components. When the outer shell becomes completely useless, you can reset it to a new shell.

Access to the seller’s terminal, its external client keyboard, trading card, and store personnel trained by a bank representative is allowed

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