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Single phone number : (71) 210-20-02 Financial literacy

Missed call - missed opportunity!

Created at: 28.01.2019 | Updated at: 15.02.2021

We care about your safety

Make convenient, fast and cashless payments in Uzbekistan and more than 170 countries in the world

Make comfortable payments

Incomes and outputs in your card are sent via SMS-information to your mobile phone

Control your balance

Income and outputs in your cards is sent via SMS to your mobile phone

With plastic cards you

  • Payment for products in trade and service enterprises with trading terminals
  • Cash withdrawal for 10% of bank service fee through bank cash desks and ATMs
  • You can deposit cash to the card account and pay for utilities

Operations in your plastic cards are saved secret

As soon as you get Xalq banki plastic cards, your balance will be safe. For this you use your own provided PIN code and others cannot access your balance.


What are the requirements of the card?

Payment for the card

15% minimum wage (36 750,0 сум)

Insurance deposit

Not available


5 year

Filling type

From the borrowed funds of the bank

Transfer from card to card

Not available

Additional information

Put in circulation the wages, pension, utilities and scholarships for the first time is free

Requirements for making operations

On the instructions of the cardholder, the accrued transfers are received or transferred for payment

Important requirements

The card holder can withdraw funds from plastic cards UzCard, as well as funds from existing savings, term card accounts in the bank by re-drawing them to this card

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